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Tweed: 30% wool, 30% acrylic, 40% polyester

Tweed : Wool 30% Acrylic 30% Polyester 40%

Filling: wool 2 oz

Filling : Uls 2oz

Dry Cleaning (DRY CLEAN ONLY)

The brand, Fleur de Sel, launched in the 2018 FW season, is joined by Laurent Schneider, a 12-year general designer at Balmain, to build-up, presenting a new perspective of design and unique style.

Fleur de Sel's theme this season is the "Tweed" tribute collection, which presents a collection with the concept of Tweed's unique characteristics that overlap and intertwine over multiple organizations.

Tweed Quilt Vest, one of the key items in the entire collection, boasts a comfortable fit with trendy colors and light weight.
The three-dimensional Buccle yarn is mixed with a red orange base to give the unique volume and unique feeling of the material, and the tweed pattern is expressed in various colors to give a unique and trendy look.

It's a good item to wear on a thick sweater, cardigan, or outerwear because it is designed to cover the hip, deep armholes, and overfit.
The neckline has a deep round neck, so it excludes a casual feeling and a stuffy feeling as much as possible, and the innerwear is designed to be slightly visible, so various layering looks can be created.
The trim and armhole were trimmed using a black tweed material different from the overall tweed material, and the lining developed with a gold button and logo unique to the flood cell as a jacquard enhances the completeness of the details.
Inside, quilting was done with a 2-ounce wool filling to increase warmth and was meticulously finished with an overlock machine to prevent the sling from loosening due to the tweed nature.

This tweed quilted vest is good to style with a variety of outer and inner items, and you can experience the trend of the season by wearing it with denim pants or casual bottoms.


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