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Product Name [Pre-order] The Shiny Ribbon Acrylic Grip
Price $43.59

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The signature ribbon motif from the "Cool Lovers Club" capsule collection, which is a collaboration between the Cool Smile Club and the Secret Fact of Us, is included in the mobile phone grip, and can only be purchased on the head-to-to-head site.

It is characterized by its unique sensibility, and based on the black color, it has completed a higher quality by inserting shiny stones one by one depending on the angle at which light is reflected.The acrylic material is polished to make the surface and edges smoother and smoother.It is made in a size for the best grip to reduce the risk of dropping a cell phone and can be used as a cradle.If you use it with the Cooler Bus Club mobile phone case, you can use it more romantically and conveniently.

Meet the GripTok with chic, feminine black and the exquisite glittering white stone.

*It is made of one-time adhesive surface, so it is required to select the location carefully when attaching the mobile phone.

*Delivery fees will be charged when purchasing the case and grip talk.
* Please note that if you order together with the case and grip talk, it will be shipped together on the delivery date of the grip talk. If you want to receive it on the original case delivery date, please order the case and grip talk separately.
*Additional delivery fees will be charged when requesting individual shipment after a bundled order.
*It is a product made of acrylic, and polishing is carried out to make the surface and edge smooth and smooth.Please note that the inevitable fine residue generated during the polishing process is not defective.



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