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Product Name Blending Serum
Price $62.01
Overview Single item: 55,000 won
Set: 110,000 won
* 1 free serum when purchasing 3 sets, please write the serum you want in the delivery message box. If not specified, we will present B serum.

This is Beklare's first edition blending serum, which was born after 12 years of research and 5,500 experiments.
This product is a total anti-wrinkle/whitening dual functional effect. This is a customized product that uses Aging Blending Serum A and Blending Serum B, which is highly concentrated with 23.5% pure vitamin C, depending on the skin condition.

[Blending Serum A, 35ml / 1.2 fl.oz]
-Double function for whitening / wrinkle improvement
-Maintaining a healthy oil-water balance with weak acid PH
-Improving dryness through excellent absorption

[Blending Serum B, 15ml / 0.51 fl.oz]
-Anti-aging / Enhances self-reliance
-Protects the skin from UV rays and prevents photoaging and oxidation reaction
-Increases elasticity and shrinks pores by promoting collagen synthesis
-Improve whitening and skin tone by interfering with melanin synthesis
-Improve smooth and shiny skin texture by maintaining a normal regeneration cycle of dead skin cells

-Flush with Blending Serum A After toner, apply 6 drops to your hands in the next step.
-Apply 3 drops of Blending Serum B to your hands. (According to your skin condition or preference, adjust the ratio to 1:1, 3:1, etc.)
-Blend Serum A and B to get a warm feeling. (The warm feeling and slight tingling is a sign that pure vitamin C is working properly.)
-Apply all over the face for 1 minute Tap to absorb it.

*For sensitive skin, first blend A and B in a 4:1 ratio and react abnormally to the skin (red spots, swelling, itching, etc.) ) after testing.
*In addition to this product, it is recommended to use a separate sunscreen to prevent damage to the skin by UV rays.
*B serum solution B is applied around the container to form crystals. However, it is a characteristic of vitamin C, so use it with confidence.
*Do not mix A and B in a bottle in advance, mix only the amount you want to use before use.
* Please do not cross use the A and B eyedroppers.
*Please avoid using products that contain chemical exfoliating ingredients such as AHA, BHA, or Retinol as they may irritate the skin. Please use it after consulting with the company and after the skin is stable.
*Be sure to close the cap completely after use to minimize contact with air and store it out of direct sunlight.
*2 years if unopened, Serum A after opening It is recommended to use the serum within 6 months and Serum B within 3 months.
*If you are using the blending serum for the first time, you must purchase it as a set.
Product Summary [Serum A]
*Core ingredient : Niacinamide / Adenosine / Panthenol)

[Serum B]
*Core ingredient : Accorbic Acid 23.5% / Accorbic Acid 23.5% / Undatus Fruit Extract / Tocopherol
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